Vanessa Corrigan

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper

….Look Good Feel Great

When you dress for your day does your wardrobe hold clothes you love to wear, or do you struggle to feel inspired?

As our life evolves both our body and lifestyle will change and this can cause us to struggle with what to wear. Starting or changing our career, having a family, coping with illness or weight issues and milestone birthdays, all affect how we look and how we feel about ourselves. Seeking advice from a Personal Stylist can definitely help you get back your confidence.

Why not gain the knowledge you need to have you brimming with confidence as I reveal the science of colour, the answer to finding your very own personal style, and the tricks of being a savvy shopper! I will show you how to organise, shop for, and coordinate everything in your wardrobe to empower you to do it for yourself.

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper ….Look Good Feel Great.

I’m based in Surrey but very happy to travel to London, Middlesex and surrounding areas. So if you’d like me to teach you the tricks of the trade to dress for your colouring, figure, lifestyle and personality, I’d love to have a free, no obligation chat with you.

“I had started to dread getting dressed each day, but seeing Vanessa has  shown me a whole new way to look at clothes and taking more care of my appearance. She is so inspirational and I’ve learnt more about myself in a few hours than all the years of struggling to look good on my own. Such little things have made such a big difference, and the compliments started the first day I made a little more effort”

Age: 43

“My wardrobe was overflowing with clothes I never wear but every time I tried to clear it out the guilt of all the money I’d wasted made it too hard to deal with, and it was just easier to ignore it. I met Vanessa at a social event and we got on so well I trusted her to help me. All I can say is wow, I feel so relieved to not only have all my mistake shopping helping a charity, but she explained where I had been going wrong so I won’t make the same mistakes again. I have less clothes but I’m wearing the ones I kept with confidence that they suit me”

Age: 50

My passion is to empower my clients to shop effectively and spend their money wisely

Just a few hours spent with me will change the way you see yourself. You will understand how to enhance your best assets and disguise those problem areas.

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