As the daffodils pop up and the days become longer, our thoughts turn to  discarding our winter clothes and exposing pale skin and wobbly bits. 

 I don’t know about you but I find a certain amount of comfort in hiding under my winter clothes, mainly due to the fact that body tone was never my greatest asset even when I was younger, so with each passing year getting used to seeing my body on a day to day basis involves getting my head around the ageing process too!

However, it will soon warm up and the need for summer clothes will become more important, and as I manage to find some new bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe, and catch a few rays of sun here and there the transition from winter layers to summer clothes evolves as always. 

 So why not buy a new pair of shoes to get you started. The fashion industry is way ahead of the weather, so if you wait for the sun before you realise you need to update your sandals,  the sales are on and the sizes have run out. 

Somewhere out there all the organised women have snapped up your taste in shoes whilst you were still in your boots! 

So this year why not beat them too it. The weather will warm up, the sun will come out ( it will I promise), your toes will require a lick of polish and a bit of buffing, and you’ll have summer ready feet.

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