It’s that time of year when our pale body parts are being exposed as the weather warms up and our winter clothes become redundant for a few months.  I always find it a little daunting as my white, and now a bit wrinkly and flabby body parts have to be exposed in my summer clothes.

It’s funny how it gets a little easier as the summer goes on, but that initial unveiling is always a little tricky.

My more mature clients struggle in the same way and spend their first hunt for new clothes insisting on long sleeves, forgetting that when the heat wave arrives ( it is coming this summer isn’t it) they will stop caring about covering up and long for cool and comfortable instead.

My top tip is to try and grab a few minutes in the sun when ever possible. Just 10-15 minutes in sunlight a couple of times a day before 11 and after 3 will also top up your vitamin D, something many people are deficient in now we all use use high factor sun creams.


Summer to do list

De- fuzz that body, hairy legs are not a great look

Book that pedicure, or do a DIY one if you’re flexible 🙂

Wear a hat when sitting in the sun if you dye your hair, the sun will bleach out your colour!

Put away your winter clothes and dig out your summer ones. Check they still fit don’t have any stains or if they are looking a bit tired retire them to the charity bins.

Shop for new sandals and clothes now, the sales start before the summer arrives these days and your size might be all sold out !

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