Having a child is quite simply the biggest change in your life you will ever experience. Suddenly it’s no longer all about you, and the simple things in life that you took for granted are never quite the same…… a soak in the bath, a hot cup of coffee or a visit to the hairdressers become precious moments because now there are little people who totally rely on you for their every need.

Add another child or two and  trying to juggle getting back to work, and you can whisk your life into such a frenzy that thinking about your appearance comes way down your list of priorities.

Perhaps the clothes from your  pre-motherhood life are completely redundant, especially if you worked in an office, and after nine months of pregnancy, wearing all things stretchy and baggy, you don’t even remember how you used to look or what you liked wearing. Now your clothes just need to wash well and be comfortable. As for high heels…..you wonder if can you even walk in them any more, it seems you no longer have the balance you once did. Flip flops work well these days because you can put them on without using your hands.


So now you’re thinking about getting back to work, part time,  full time , retraining to start a new career,  or possibly setting up on your own .

Whichever you choose, your confidence and emotions need to be working hard to get you back out there after taking a break from the world of work.

This a a really good time to evaluate what’s going on in your wardrobe.

Do you have clothes and accessories that enhance your body shape, colouring and work for your personality and lifestyle? Or is it a jumbled mess of mistake purchases old and new,  mixed up with a few things you love and summer and winter all thrown in together?

Perhaps you have got used to scraping your hair back into ponytail and

given up on wearing make-up?

If any of this rings true my advice is to take a little time to get yourself sorted before adding a new work life into the mix. It doesn’t take long if you have a little help understanding what suits you, and having the confidence that you’re looking great will lift your spirits and have everyone wondering how you manage to look so fantastic with such a busy life.

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