Vanessa Corrigan

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper

….Look Good Feel Great

About Vanessa

I’d like to tell you a little bit about my journey to becoming an Image consultant/ Personal Stylist/ Personal Shopper because I am aware that right now you will be forming your own opinions about me based on my appearance in this photo ( so I employed someone with a very good camera), and that’s ok, it is what we all do when we meet anyone for the first time let alone someone who helps others with their personal image

I was born in the summer of 1962 and grew up in a family who loved clothes. My mother had been a hairdresser and beautician before having children and although she gave it up to be a full time mum, every morning I watched her doing her make-up and carefully choosing what to wear. My father was suited and booted and very dapper each day for work, and my brother and sister, who were much older than me,  both loved fashion too.

At a very young age I was picking up non verbal messages about taking care of my appearance, so it wasn’t surprising that I too learnt a love of clothes and make-up and have gone on to work in this industry. 

In 2001..

I attended a work conference and the company had arranged a talk from an image consultant. She said something that changed my life.. ‘do you have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear? ‘ I realised that was me, I loved shopping so I had lots of clothes but I made many  mistakes and waisted a lot of money. You see I could tell if something didn’t really suit me, once I’d worn it of course, yet I didn’t know why!

I had never accepted my body shape and hadn’t worked out why some things just didn’t suit me, the reality was I expected anything I liked, to look good on, after all I was tall and a size 10 way back then. 

I had no idea how much better I looked when I wore colour, I thought black and white looked just fine.

I decided to book myself an appointment, fascinated to hear her words of wisdom to resolve my ‘mistake’ shopping and I came away fuelled with all the  knowledge I needed to choose my clothes and accessories more wisely.

I then encouraged all my friends to go and watched them grow in confidence to, we all had young children and had lost our way a bit, easy to do when little people are so demanding. I enjoyed helping my friends gain the same insight that I had found so helpful, so much so that  I decided to learn how to offer this help to other women myself.



My passion is to empower my clients to shop effectively and spend their money wisely. Just a few hours spent with me will change the way you see yourself. You will understand how to enhance your best assets and disguise those problem areas 

( everyone has them, you’re not alone) 

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