Vanessa Corrigan

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper

….Look Good Feel Great

Yummy Mummy….. hmm…. who’s got the time?

Having a child is quite simply the biggest change in your life you will ever experience. Suddenly it's no longer all about you, and the simple things in life that you took for granted are never quite the same...... a soak in the bath, a hot cup of coffee or a visit to...

Summer is just around the corner

It's that time of year when our pale body parts are being exposed as the weather warms up and our winter clothes become redundant for a few months.  I always find it a little daunting as my white, and now a bit wrinkly and flabby body parts have to be exposed in my...


As the daffodils pop up and the days become longer, our thoughts turn to  discarding our winter clothes and exposing pale skin and wobbly bits.   I don't know about you but I find a certain amount of comfort in hiding under my winter clothes, mainly due to the fact...

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