Vanessa Corrigan

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper

….Look Good Feel Great


Do you wander around the shops aimlessly, feeling frustrated that you can’t see anything you really like or want to buy?

Does the fitting room feel like a cubicle of shame and frustration? 

Do you return most of the items you buy because you don’t like them when you get home?

If this rings true then perhaps you have yet to understand what you should be looking for. 

Often it is the guilt of ‘ mistake’ shopping that stops you from buying better quality items that will serve you well. 

Buying the odd item here and there with no idea what it will be worn with, often means the item doesn’t earn it’s cost. You know what I mean, that sleeveless chunky knit polo-neck that seemed like a good idea when you saw it half price in the sale….but have never found the right temperature to wear it.  The fashion industry  wants us to spend  our money, however a savvy shopper knows how to to choose the good from the bad.

Understanding how to spend your money wisely will be easier when you have had help with the services above, however I also offer a shopping experience to show you how to shop with confidence and accumulate some capsule items using your colour and style rules….in other words… I just get you started! 

I have never been one to shop for pleasure, I feel overwhelmed at so much choice and nearly always take things back, but going with Vanessa was a completely different experience. 

Not only does she know the shops we needed to go to but has such a good eye for choosing clothes that all work together and finding the right accessories that make such a difference. 

I had a £600 budget and came home with clothes for every occasion, work, going out and even a swimsuit for my holiday. 

I now feel confident about how I need to shop in the future and have a capsule wardrobe to get me started. I will definitely be using her again.


Age: 42


We discuss what you need to create a wardrobe for any occasion. Your lifestyle dictates what you need to shop for, wether you work full time, part-time, are a full time mum, a corporate wife or retired, the clothes you buy must earn their keep and work with our unpredictable weather too. 

You will discover a new efficient way to shop and will  be introduced to new places to look for your clothes and accessories. We shop in your home town, or we can meet in London, it is important that you feel comfortable. Shopping can be an intimidating experience for many women, I show you how to make it a more pleasurable experience. We always have fun and whatever your budget you will go home with some fabulous new clothes. 

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