Vanessa Corrigan

Personal Stylist – Image Consultant – Personal Shopper

….Look Good Feel Great

I had a wardrobe of black,white and grey after many years of working in the corporate world. Vanessa’s colour analysis was a revelation to me, and I can honestly say I have never had so many compliments since I’ve started wearing the colours she has recommended. I didn’t need convincing because I could see for myself during the consultation the difference the right colours made. I’m now confident I understand colour and my wardrobe is slowly becoming a pleasure to open. I have even changed my hair colour and my family and friends have told me I look younger and more confident


Age: 53

“I had started to dread getting dressed each day, but seeing Vanessa has  shown me a whole new way to look at clothes and taking more care of my appearance. She is so inspirational and I’ve learnt more about myself in a few hours than all the years of struggling to look good on my own. Such little things have made such a big difference, and the compliments started the first day I made a little more effort”


Age: 43

Fabulous – so happy with my new wardrobe.


Colour is a language

we use every moment of the day, yet most of the time we do this at a subconscious level. When you wear colours that enhance your own physical colouring and work well when worn together, you are on your way to achieving a capsule wardrobe that will not only make look great, but make you feel comfortable and confident too. 

Using the COLOUR PSYCHOLOGY SYSTEM to analyse your specific season of colours, you will be able to choose and wear colours that truly compliment who you are inside and out.

Colour Analysis

HALF DAY         £155

Includes bespoke Colour palette and guidance notes on wearing and using colour to enhance and support your own physical colouring and personality type.  

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